How Leasebacks Are Helping Small Business Owners

If you are looking for ways to raise working capital for your business, you know that the options can be limited, especially if you are trying to reduce or eliminate the need to add long-term debt to your obligations. Whether your needs are based in strategies for your company’s growth or the necessities of cash flow management, Exodus Commercial Capital has the options you are looking for, including an opportunity known as sale-leaseback financing.

Sale-Leaseback Basics

When you take advantage of this kind of financing, you are able to access the equity you have built up in your existing equipment by selling it outright while retaining it for use. The sale is made through us to an investor, and we will help you negotiate the lease payments as well. This provides you with some great opportunities to reinvest that equity, and it can be used to fund a variety of projects.

  • Purchase upgraded equipment without losing access to older models
  • Free up money for expansions or investments elsewhere
  • Inject cash into your reserve funds without taking on new debt
  • Eliminate existing debt to reduce overhead in the long term

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