Vehicle Financing

Exodus Commercial Capital offers vehicle financing options for businesses of all types, whether you are a transportation company, specialty business or independent owner-operator. If you’re thinking about leasing a vehicle, you need options that will fit into your business model and goals to make sure your bottom line isn’t affected.

We have loan and leasing options for all types of commercial vehicles, including:

  • Trucks
  • Semi-trailers
  • Specialty vehicles
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Buses
  • Motor coaches
  • Limousines
  • Dealership financing

You’ll need to ask yourself if it makes more sense for your business to lease or to own your vehicles. With vehicle ownership, you do get to deduct depreciation, but you may have a larger down payment at the onset than you would if you had a loan. When you lease, you can upgrade your vehicles at regular intervals. However, you do need to remember limits on mileage. Putting a lot of miles on an owned vehicle can make it depreciate faster. You’ll need to consider cash flow, mileage and business-specific issues on how your company will use its vehicles to make the right choice.

Exodus Commercial Capital can help you make the right decision about vehicle financing by offering information that lets you easily compare the differences between a loan or lease. Contact our team today to learn more and find a solution that fits your business goals.