Your Choice for Inventory Finance Options

Keeping cash flowing through your business can be a challenge, especially if you currently have a lot of outgoing expenses due at once. When your cash reserves dry up, your operations have to slow down by necessity. To keep those cycles short and help your business back onto its feet, you need options that allow you to fulfill critical obligations like inventory restocking no matter what other expenses you have to face. That’s where inventory finance options become useful.

Financing New Inventory Purchases

Financing with your new inventory as the secured asset is a great way to hold down expenses while making sure you have the working capital necessary to keep your business operating. As you sell the inventory, you can easily pay down the obligation with room left for profit. Use this to stock up on inventory when your cash reserves are low or to access the funds you need to more fully stock your inventory for major sales dates. Either way, it provides you with the funding you need when you need t.

Taking the Next Steps

If you want to keep your business running smoothly, you need financing that:

  • Fits your business cycle
  • Controls your costs
  • Doesn’t add to your long-term debt

That is why Exodus Commercial Capital recommends financing with your inventory. Call us to start an application.